Jan 30, 2011

Royalty free photographs useful for bloggers

Images are the windows to your blog posts. It is an image that attracts a visitor to the snippet of an article. Having good looking images in your blog posts will definitely enhance the appearance of your blog as well. Where do you get such usable images from?
A general search would fetch you a lot of images but all of them need not be usable. Here, I have a listed a few sources that offer usable photos. These are just royalty free sources. This just means that you need not pay the artist or the website, but some of them demand you to give due credit to the artists individually when and where you use an image.

15 sources that offer usable images are:
‘Free digital photos’ is a nice place select and use images for personal, educational and even commercial purposes free of cost. Unless you purchase the image, the website demands you to credit the artist and the website. Crediting the artist includes adding a text link to the artist’s profile as well.

Photos from ‘Free pixels’ can be used for any purpose.  Bloggers who use these images can crop off the ‘freepixels.com’ from the image but a instead the website should be credited in text near the image.

All photos can be used for any purpose. All they ask you is to give a link back to the website. Do get permission from the copyright holder when you use photos of products or brands or models.

Stock Vault has a wonderful collection of images, but they cannot be used for commercial purposes. Can be used for personal, educational or any sort of non-commercial purposes.

5. SXC
Not all SXC images can be used for all purposes. Check out the restriction level. If the image has standard restrictions then you can use the image by crediting the artist the artist alone.

These images can be used for any purposes. All they ask you is not to redistribute them.

Credit: Robert Nilson (Free digital Photos)
Rest of the Sources are:

10. 123RF

The reason why I did not mention Flickr is that, it might serve you with photos according to needs, but all the rights most of the photos hosted there are reserved.

Hope that this list would help you. Has it? So enjoy using the wonderful photos from all these sites.
Photo Credit 1: Louisa Stokes (Free Digital Photos)