Mar 4, 2011

How to make Search Engine friendly Blog titles

The present form of blogs was evolved from daily diaries. It started to take shape when ‘Open Diaries’ an online diary platform added the option of commenting into it and started to make it participatory. You can read more about this in the History of Blogging. Anyways my topic is not this. As far as you are not intending to keep your blog to its crude form of a diary but want people to see it, then you really want to optimise your blog for the search.

First step for SEO

The first step for SEO would be to make your blog title search engine friendly. It would be great if you get it right from the very first stage. I think if you are about to start a blog and you are looking for a name, then you select names that itself become a keyword.

For example, Tips for new bloggers, Digital Photography School. These titles themselves serve the purpose of a keyword.

Keyword in title

If you are keen to have a creative name or if you have already started a blog, try to get a related keyword or two into your title Meta tag.
Blog Title - Prime Keyword

It is what you write in the title Meta tag that will be shown in the search results. For example: Check out Blog Your Voice in the Search Result. The name would look like this in the title bar.

But be aware of the length of the title.

Ideal length of a title Meta tag

The ideal length of a blog (website) title is 80 characters. This is because most search engines would only read the first 70 characters of the title. The portion after that would be truncated. So add your keywords in the title Meta tag, but look out for the length as well.

Another way of optimising the title- that is not advised- is to have Poor man’s blog titles. Read more about Poor man’s Blog Titles in my next article.